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Villa Venti Serenero Bianco Rubicone 2021 - View 1
Villa Venti Serenero Bianco Rubicone 2021 - View 2
Villa Venti Serenero Bianco Rubicone 2021 - View 3
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Famoso di Cesena
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Villa Venti Serenero Bianco Rubicone 2021

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What do you do when you discover an indigenous grape vine that needs some explanation? Why it is named Famoso if no one has heard of it? The folks at this organic farm wanted to know. What I am calling a ‘yellow wine’ because it’s not quite orange is a fascinating glass of vino.

The skin contact program is 10% of the grapes aged for 30 days, yielding a yellow, slightly tannic wine with medium acidity and an incredibly long finish. In the shop we’ve poured this from a decanter because it benefits from time to breathe. A lovely gateway into the skin contact wine category. Also a bargain.

Incredibly peotic notes from the winery... not sure we can do any better!

A scintillating gold, its nose a cornucopia of blossoms flanked by magisterial notes of apricot and peach. On the palate is a wealth of citrus fruit and zest, which superbly complement the tangy, mineral-salt impressions classic to these soils. A crisp, fresh wine with great character. Our family’s only white wine, it accents are as light as a bare-footed dash through the meadows beneath a serene and luminous heavens. The name Serenaro was suggested by the dialect term sarner, the wind that brings clear skies, which Dante refers to in the Paradiso of his Divina Commedia. 

Wine Profile
Vineyard Notes
Red clays and Messinian age sands
Production Notes
Certified Organic
Winemaker Notes
In stainless steel containers in absence of oxygen, four months of maceration on skin