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Drop # 3 Pink Sancerre!?
February 21st 2024

As requested, here is the latest edition of The Drop titled Pink Sancerre!? featuring a new wine from one favorite producers, the talented André Vatan from Sancerre in the Loire Valley, France.

Drop # 2 - Pink Sancerre!?

That's right. If red Sancerre wasn't rare enough, made from Pinot Noir planted in just 15% of the increasingly popular region of Loire Valley, France, the rosé is even rarer! It is made in miniscule quantities and is mostly consumed locally in the region and in cafés in Paris.

But as luck would have it, the maker of the André Vatan Les Charmes Blanc and Maulin Bele Rouge that many of you have enjoyed so much, also makes a tiny amount of rosé that is available in the United States. 

Fashioned in the saignée method, where the free run juice is 'bled' off the after a brief skin contact prior to fermentation, it captures the fresh stone fruit notes of Loire Pinot Noir, while maintaining the bright acidity and saline qualities that people love about Sauvignon Blanc from the region.

I JUST tasted the 2022 vintage, on camera, so my tasting notes were in real time. Yes that means I bought some of the wine without trying it, but I am extremely happy with that decision. And for the risk that I took, I am selling this first offering of André Vatan Sancerre Rosé at a nice DROP discount for you.

Here's what I got: 

A gorgeous pale coral color. Aromas of peach, peach pit, and fresh raspberries. Hints of spearmint and other fresh leafy herbal notes. The palate is both saline and crisp, finishing dry with characteristic marine-like notes of a day at the beach, salty snacks, and tart raspberry and cranberry fruit, and a long satisfying finish.

If you're thinking "Salty.... why on earth?!" Just imagine what this would do alongside a plate of sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. I am not telling you this is a poolside pounder for the summer time. Instead this is an exquisite, small production rosé for the table for your best sushi dinner. Call up Mikuni, keep the champagne in the fridge for a special occasion, and pop open a bottle or two of this rosé for a wildly delicious pairing. 


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Ryan Crosbie
Owner and Wine Buyer