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This SPECIAL OFFER was Created in Tandem with MEALS ON WHEELS of YOLO COUNTY

Discovering the Secrets!

Wines in Tandem is a locally owned wine shop and tasting room in downtown Davis. Customers love our themed tastings of delicious wines from independent producers that are focused on sustainable wine production. 
Now we've created these Themed Tastings of Italy's Best Kept Secrets especially for the benefit of Meals on Wheels of Yolo County. Your purchase of these wines to enjoy at home supports our small business in Davis, independent wine producers in Italy, and of course, food insecure aging adults in our community.
When creating these collections, we discounted the wines at least 10%. In addition to supporting a worthy cause, you are also getting a great deal on the wines.

The Details

- 15% of proceeds benefit MOW-YOLO
- Quantities are limiteD
- Visit us at 222 D St #1 to make a purchase
- Here's a Link to google Maps
- Hours: 2pm-6pm Wednesday to Sunday
- Call with any questions: 530-238-5566


The collections

Read read about each wine below

Four bottle Mix  |  $79

This collection includes one of each featured wine: a sparkling, a white, and two red wines. This is very handy mix of delicious and versatile wines to have ready for any event, discerning guest, or multi-course dinner.

This purchase is worth $11.85 to MOW

6 bottles white  |  $79

A wine cabinet full of reds, but never enough white wines on hand? We hear that! This collection includes three each of the Lunaris Secco and Villa Venti Serenaro, and is the right fit for pairing with warm summer weather, or your grandma's winning scampi recipe.

This purchase is worth $11.85 to MOW

6 bottles Red  |  $119

Friends call you the grill master, and perhaps its true your taste buds really are 'red only'. This go-to box includes three each of a dark and tannic Marche Rosso, along with a smooth and complex Rosso di Montalcino. You'll be prepared for any evening when one bottle just isn't enough.

This purchase is worth $17.85 to MOW

12 bottle Mix  |  $209

Thinking about this one? You are speaking our language. There are numerious situations when a mixed case of wine is basicaly the Swiss Army Knife of your social calendar. We've got you covered with this collection including three each of our Italian favorites.

This purchase is worth $31.35 to MOW

The Wines

La Collina 'Lunaris' Secco

Positively bright and bubbly, the Malvasia grape kicks this fully organic sparkling up two notches with ripe green apples, a kiss of vanilla bean and a tantalizing finish. All occassions call for sparkling, but not all occasions require Champagne. Try this fun-in-the-sun from a cooperative farm that over delivers on price and flavor. Secco means 'dry', by the way ... just making sure.

Villa Venti 'Serenaro' Bianco Rubicone

Rediscovered and brought back to fruition (wine puns!) by Villa Venti, Famosa di Cesena is a native grape that makes a compelling and complex skin contact white that is loaded with mouthwatering acidity and a forever finish. When we talk about finding original style wines that are cutting edge in the US, this is a perfect example of that discovery.

Fattoria San Lorenzo 'di Gino' Marche Rosso

Third generation Crognaletti family organically farms Fattoria San Lorenzo on the banks of the River Esino in the eastern slopes of Marche in central Italy, 30 km from the Adriatic Sea. This perfect daily drinker is 60% Montepulciano and 40% Sangiovese, grapes that complement eachother with dark fruit and chewy, savory tannins. Speaking of compliments (with an I), we've seen few wines this enjoyable that can pair with just about anything you'd ask a Cabernet to do.

Sasso di Sole Rosso Di Montalcino

From the famed Val d'Orcia in the southern end of Montalcino, this 'baby brunello' -- they dont like it when we call it that -- is super playful in its youth. Sasso's Rosso has explosive aromas, a silky smooth palette, and is equally bold and elegant. I recently paired it with a homemade Lasagne quattro formaggia and Italian sausage. Chef's kiss! Highly recommended!

Thank you for your support!

Ryan Crosbie
Owner, Wines in Tandem


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