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Malvasia Bianca
Suisun Valley
Alcohol %

Onward Malvasia Bianca Tank Ferment 2022

 Lemon melon mimosa dipped floral bouquet 

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Canadian. UC Davis Regents Scholar. Mom of 4 kids. Woman winemaker. Everything about Faith Armstrong leads you to believe that she only makes interesting and amazing things. And that is especially true of her aromatic white wines.

This Malvasia is joyful, breathtaking, puckeringly acidic, and grown nearby in Suisun Valley. It’s the equivalent of a bouquet of flowers, fresh squeezed citrus mimosa, and a fruit salad of melons and plums, all served at the same brunch. Are we suggesting you drink this wine at brunch time? We're not NOT suggesting that...

Need something new to try this year? Talk to Faith. She has you covered.

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Capp Inn Ranch