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Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewurztraminer 2021

Few if any wines are this complex at this $

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When the winery has to put ‘DRY’ on the label, they clearly understand that customers are still recovering from trauma about decades of unnecessarily sweet wines, especially Gewurtztraminer.

C&C's aromatic, sultry, spicy and simply big 'Gewurtz' is a hair band sell out stadium concert in a deceiving glass of white wine. As an aging millennial, I don’t have the same battle scars from cheap imports from the 70s and 80s (nor the hair band concert memories). Instead, this drop-dead stunning Gewurtz from C&C is near my alma mater of Cal Poly, so I’ve been a fan since I could legally imbibe while listening to said hair bands on the local classic rock station.... 93.3 KZOZ!  Full of tropical fruits, south asian spices, its rich and floral personality will light up the room. Did I mention it’s... Dry?

Winery Notes

Since our first harvest in 1983, this Alsatian varietal has been the flagship wine of our small family-owned winery. And nothing says Claiborne & Churchill like a fresh new bottling of Dry Gewürztraminer! The 2021 Dry Gewürztraminer is the first white wine to be released from last Fall’s harvest. The fruit was picked in mid-September at full ripeness, then tank-fermented and aged before bottling in late February of this year.

The wine opens with lively aromas of lychee and rose petals before evolving into an array of warm, exotic spices. Tropical flavors of mango and guava greet the palate before leading to a rich, and dare we say, creamy mouthfeel. By nature, this wine exemplifies everything you want from a food-friendly wine. Be sure to elevate your enjoyment by serving this Dry Gewurz with your favorite Thai, Chinese, or Korean dishes.