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Three Wine Co Carignane Bigelow 2017 - View 1
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Contra Costa County
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Three Wine Co Carignane Bigelow 2017


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You have to go back to our very first tasting to appreciate just how off the wall people thought we were. “You’re doing a Carignane tasting? What’s that?” Well, that is an extraordinarily delicious red grape coming from the Mediterranean influenced Southeast France and Northeast Spain. And as luck would have it, winemaker Matt Cline loves making excellent old vine (planted 1880s) Carignane from the sandy soils of Contra Costa County. 

We've been pouring this wine since our doors opened, and it's one of our top sellers. Why? Because there's so much to love about Old Vine Carignane. Great fruit sourced from vines planted in the 1880s in the sandy soils of Contra Costa County, in the hands of passionate old vine winemaker Matt Cline who is like the old vine whisperer. His 2017 Carignane Bigelow is rich and chewy; perfect for a holiday dinner! Dark blue fruits, plush tannins, and a big bold finish. Crazy? Yes. And good!


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Planted 1880s in Delhi sandy loam soil