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Taste unforgettable georgian wines

January 25th, 2024

And I'm not talking about the state where we've all downed one too many glasses of the second cheapest Sauvignon Blanc at the Peachy Pub in the Atlanta Airport on a layover to Europe.

The other Georgia. The country Georgia. The Georgia that invented wine.

Now that we've cleared up Georgia v. Georgia, we invite you to a tasting of wines from the birthplace of wine! The tasting will be led by Carrie Boyle, a Certified Specialist of Wine, wine writer, wine judge and local professional wine expert on Georgia and its wines. Carrie will be happy to answer questions about the winemakers, food, culture, and share travel tips from her recent trip to Georgia last summer. 

When Carrie and I tasted through a selection of Georgian wines in early December, loosely in preparation for this upcoming tasting, I was stunned. The wines were excellent. The whites were complex and appealing, the famous Dry Amber aged in clay Qvevri pots was sensationally grippy, and the reds came in many forms from light and delicate to dark and Petite Sirah-esque. They weren't just different, they were exciting. 

This is a special occasion tasting that I would love you to experience. These are not wines I typically stock and after 3 months of French wine and an upcoming extended feature on the Southern Hemisphere, consider this an escape to something totally and completely different. 

Tasting Bar This Weekend

The Georgian wine tasting will include two whites, a Qvevri aged Dry Amber, a dessert wine, and two reds. In case you want to brush up on your Georgian varieties prior to Saturday, the tasting includes Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mukuzani and Tsolikouri. Got that?

All wines will be available for sale AND there will be special day-of tasting pricing. 

Tasting is $15, waived with 3 bottle purchase.  The wines are all reasonably priced, from $25 to $35/bottle. 

Changing Topics

On a completely different note... you'll see some changes around here.  

It's been a year of Wines in Tandem (yesterday we officially turned one!) and we've had some ideas brewing (fermenting?) for a while. Now is the time, and here's a quick rundown ...

First, we are switching to a proper email system which means no more bcc'ing hundreds of you to send the weekly newsletter.  There are a lot of email rules and settings to get right, but if something breaks and you don't hear from us just know that we are still alive and you can check the happenings on our Website or Instagram. 

Second, the shop layout will change, too. This is more of a February and March project, but some of the displays will change and we'll relocate a few of the wine sections. 

Finally, we're ready to make some updates to the Wine Club and Loyalty programs. We'll be sharing those in the coming weeks. In short, many of you have some loyalty points to spend in our shop! Woo! 

Upcoming Events 

Saturday, Jan 27th, 2-5pm 
A tasting of Georgian wines with wine expert Carrie Boyle.

Feb 2nd to 4th  
Australia is the start of our Southern Hemisphere themes. February wine club pickup! 

Saturday, Feb 11th, 2-5pm
Super Bowl themed Blind Tasting Challenge. You read that right. Taylor Swift was invited to join but still no confirmation from her people of her attendance. 

Cheers to YOU for one year, and more many to come. See you in the shop!

january 18th, 2024

Three magical words! Come in today through Sunday and take home a selection of excellent wines for the rainy days ahead or apres-ski on the mountain.  

Winter Wine Sale

Prices are 25-40% off retail, so now is THE TIME to shop. In order to make room for new inventory for 2024, our sale is meant to move wine out of our shelves and into yours :-) 

Throughout the sale, at least 5 of the following wines will be open for tasting 

Plus, some wines we've never opened before:

Tasting Details

Hours: Thursday to Saturday 1 - 6pm, Sunday 1 - 5pm
The $10 tasting is free with any 3 bottle purchase. 

Bordeaux Dinner Tonight

For those gastro enthusiasts who will be joining us for dinner, a special treat has been added to the menu. While we are excitedly pouring the 1985 Chateau Siran Marguax, I didn't want to put all the eggs in the basket of a 38 year old wine. I'm 38, and I know how risky that can be :-)

Therefore, I thought, what could we do to make tonight even more exciting? Of course, we'll do a mini tasting! So along with the 1985, we'll be pouring the 2020 vintage of Chateau Siran. Yes!  Fun fact about this wine: The 2020 vintage celebrates the 160th harvest of the Miailhe family at Ch√Ęteau Siran.

Finally, there are 3 remaining spots available for tonight if you love booking last minute dinners that you'll absolutely love and will remember for a very long time.

See you in the shop rain or shine. And go Niners! 


Anniversary Sale Starts Today

January 11th, 2024

Did you know Wines in Tandem is turning one this month? That's right! And along with a conveniently timed New Year inventory check, we're celebrating by having a sale.  A big one! 

Stop in starting today and save 20% on every wine in stock, including many delicious wines for the crisp white lover or the big red fanatic. Using the Dutch Auction format, the discounts go up next week, but wines will also start to sell out. It's a decision based on risk and reward, but ultimately the reward is you get great wine at a Happy New Year price. 

Wine Sale Details 
Today to Sunday: 20% off all wines
Jan 18th - 19th: 25% off all wines 
Jan 20th - 21st: 30% off all wines 
Wine club members save an extra 10%, up to 40% off. 
A handful of wines will be open each day for tasting.

Thursday - Saturday: 1 - 6pm 
Sunday 1 - 5pm
MLK Monday: 12 - 3pm

Extra Sale Perks
Big discounts not enough? We thought we'd have a little fun with extra perks.
The Winemakers Dozen: Our version of the baker's dozen, purchase any 11 bottles of wine and get a huge deal on the 12th bottle. Choose from one of the following to complete the 12 bottle case: 

San Lorenzo Marche Rosso, a powerful Montepulciano and Sangiovese blend, for just $10. That's 47% off!  
Sasso di Sole Rosso di Montalcino, a smokey and meaty Sangiovese, for just $15. Also 47% off!

The Late Harvest: Purchase the last bottle of any wine in stock and take an extra $5 off that bottle. I really don't know if this is a good idea, but it sounds like a fun sale perk, so let's try it. 

Bordeaux Dinner
We are opening up the five course Bordeaux Wine Dinner on June 18th to non-club members. By moving our group reservation to the (heated) patio, we created four more spots! 
Much like our Burgundy evening in November, this dinner will be outstanding. I'm also excited to announce the last two bottles featured in the dinner: a 1985 Chateau Siran Margaux and 1983 Rieussec Sauternes. 
Price is $145/per person, including gratuity. Simply reply here to RSVP. 

Thanks for everything, and we hope the sale helps you stock up on a few of your favorites for the cold and rainy days ahead! See you soon!


Discover your New Favorites

January 4th, 2024

Thank you for making 2023 such a wonderful first year in business, and for providing many ideas on how to improve our services for you. It really does matter what you think, and we listen when you voice your opinions. For anyone who has read our website, the homepage has included the following under the Paired with Purpose section since we opened nearly one year ago:

"The trust of our customers is the most important factor in every decision we make as a professional wine retailer"

During some much needed holiday R&R, interspersed with sleepless nights with our adorable 6 month old, I opted to skip the 2024 resolutions and instead finalize a much needed tagline for the business that summarizes what you asked for throughout the year:

Wines in Tandem. Where wine lovers discover new favorites.

This tagline will guide our 2024 projects and beyond, and should help you understand the direction we are going. I'm very excited to have stated this here, and follow through on it for years to come.

Let's get to it! Here's a look at the upcoming calendar to get your wine year started on the right foot and we look forward to helping you discover many great new wines.

Upcoming Events

This weekend 
Open Thursday to Saturday 2 - 6pm, no themed tastings as we reset and plan 2024.

Jan 11th to 21st 
Anniversary Sale up to 40% off. Details below. 

Thursday, Jan 18th, 6pm  
Wine Club dinner at Mustard Seed. Details to follow in separate club email.

Saturday, Jan 27th, 2-5pm 
A tasting of Georgian wines with "wine rep" Carrie Boyle.

Feb 2nd to 4th  
Start of our Southern Hemisphere themes + wine club pickup.

Saturday, Feb 11th, 2-5pm
Super Bowl themed Blind Tasting Challenge.

We will continue to update the tastings and events page as dates are confirmed: /wine-tasting-room 

Anniversary Sale!

We're hitting our one year mark soon and that's reason to celebrate! It's also that time of year to make room for new wines, therefore we're having our biggest sale yet. 

The format is a Dutch Auction, where the discounts get higher (up to 40%) and the prices get lower as the sale progresses. Take advantage by shopping twice, once the first weekend to secure your favorites, and the second to stock up on the bigger deals. ;-) 

Dates and Discounts

Jan 11* - 14: 20% off storewide, plus 10% for members
Jan 18 + 19: 25% off storewide, plus 10% for members 
Jan 20 + 21: 30% off storewide, plus 10% for members

Yes, a selection of wines will be open for tasting during the sale days.

*Jan 11th. Thursday the 11th is only being promoted to the mailing list (that's you). We'll promote the sale on social media and elsewhere starting on Jan 12th, which gives you a 24 hour head start to come and grab wines before they sell out.

** There are all sorts of rules and criteria for sales. The fine print, if you will. Our one rule is this: If the wine is on the shelf, it's for sale. 

We wish you a great start to 2024 and we'll see you soon!